Research, Disease and Darkness


I believe that BJ Palmer’s concept of DIS-EASE as the absence of something was important. It was the absence of an entity,… life or the expression of intelligence thru matter. When he talked about “getting sick people well”, I’m not sure what he was talking about in the context of “well”. Was it related to disease in the sense of a medical conditions. Health and disease never appear in the context of the 33 principlesIt, I believe related to the expression of intelligence thru matter. Granted he raised the issue of limitations of matter very little and so the restoration of health. Did that relate to the disappearance of the manifestation of disease the same way that darkness and its symptoms disappear when one turns on a light in a dark room. Was that the crux of “getting sick people well”? The issues of health, disease, and research,the basis for TSC seems to have very little in relationship

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  1. len Edwards 11/18/2017, 12:27 am:

    I was taught we help the body accomplish balance.

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