Re: Chiropractic Gets Sick people Well.


Does that constitute a promise or imply a cure?

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  1. Joe D. 12/12/2017, 3:17 pm:

    Even when I was mixing back in the late sixties( as was Reggie ) we would qualify that statement with “most of the time”. Thus, my answer to your question would have to be an loud YES.

  2. Shane Cobb D.C. 12/13/2017, 1:09 am:

    I will never get over you self righteous OSC guys. Thinking BJ and DD were wrong and you are somehow more evolved than the founder and developer.

    • Joe Strauss 12/16/2017, 5:27 pm:

      Not “somehow more evolved than the founder and developer.”Just be blessed to live at a later time in history

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