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Propaganda: the spreading of ideas or information to further or damage a cause. The first thing that must be done to make propaganda effective is to undermine established authority or create a new authority. The authority …

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What is the Difference between Objective Straight and Traditional Straight Chiropractic?


Why is it that historically no one ever seems to want to identify themselves as anything but a straight chiropractor?  While chiropractors were perfectly willing to hang a sign outside the office saying “Straight Chiropractor,” …

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Innate Intelligence and the Chemistry of Life


Some years back the slogan for a large company was “Better Living Through Chemistry.” There is no doubt that chemistry has bettered our lives. From the creation of plastics and synthetic fibers to the fertilizers …

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Innate Matter and Universal Matter


The contrast between innate matter, that is, matter that expresses innate intelligence, and universal matter, which we ordinarily consider to be non-living, is that the former, we say, is structured matter, the latter is matter …

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Wes Trout- A Living Principle


Wes Trout of Northumberland, Pennsylvania was a quiet, unassuming gentleman who loved chiropractic.  Usually, men who start practice building/motivational seminars are charismatic, gregarious people who tend to attract multitudes of loyal followers.  That was not …

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The Gentle Warrior-Joe Flesia


 We are beginning a monthly series on great chiropractors who, unfortunately, have been overshadowed because of our preoccupation with the Founder and Developer. These men and women have made great contributions to chiropractic, perhaps not …

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A Thought On Research


   If you are going to practice chiropractic by an ouside-in approach, particularly the one treating disease or its cause, then you must subject yourself to the scrutiny of that system’s evaluation process, namely the …

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The Conflict of Philosophies


Philosopher John Searle, politician Patrick Buchanan, and law professor Phillip Johnson have suggested that society is embroiled in a culture war. Chiropractic is one small battle in that war. We often use the word “paradigm” …

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All We Can Do Is Pray


Reggie has told the story of an old Ben Casey T.V. program in which Dr. Casey comes out of surgery and tells the distraught parents of a child he has just performed surgery on that “we …

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Chiropractic Irony #3: Loving People vs. Loving the Principle


The statement has been made that “some people are so heavenly- minded that they are no earthly good.”  I cannot accept that idea.  In a similar way, I cannot accept the idea that those of …

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