Chiropractic Q&A Archive:

Q&A #44-HIO


Many upper cervical practitioners believed  (and some still do) that only HIO was chiropractic, because vertebral subluxations  did not exist below Axis  and anyone who was adjusting below the second cervical was practicing the “adjustment” of …

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How Come? A question of ADIO viewpoint


The government (in the form of the EPA) will not allow towns threatened by mosquito borne West Nile Virus to use pesticides near lake areas because it will possibly affect the local’s hormonal systems. Although in …

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Environment-Q&A # 41


If the environment was perfect would people still subluxate? If it was and they did, what would/could be the result?

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Principle No. 19- Q&A No. 40


This principle is entitled “organic matter” and it states that the material of the body of a “living thing” is organized matter. First is not any matter living or not with a C-H-O bond considered organic …

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Empiricism Theory


The theory of Empiricism :all true knowledge is derived from observation and experience. Is that a true statement ? Why or why not?

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Q&A # 39


Is a dead body less organized than a living one? Why or why not?

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Q&A #38


Can chiropractic philosophy exist is a darwinian evolutionary Model? Why or why not?

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Q&A #37


Do we need the terms principled chiropractors, straight chiropractors, OSCor, non-therapeutic chiropractors? Actually we need chiropractors. But perhaps we need some of these terms until everyone knows what we do. What do you think?

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Is the clotting mechanism an innate function or merely a mechanistic, chemical reaction. Explain why?

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Q&A #33 Upper Cervical Technique


There are a number of good arguments for HIO but I recently heard an old one that leaves me perplexed. The argument is that the more you allow the body to do for itself like …

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