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To my knowledge no chiropractor has ever been held liable for not making a diagnosis when he informed the potential patient/practice member that he did not and would not perform that service. Many have been …

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Practice Management Consultants….


…may be able to tell you what they did to build a practice…but when the majority of practice building gurus were in practice: 1. There was no internet 2. There were half the chiropractors there …

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Isn't it Odd?


Almost every mechanical device/design is patterend after  an organ or part of the human body.  So after seeing  how mechanical things mimic the design of the vitalistic innate intelligence of the body, we take a mechanistic …

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Sensory Nerves


Why is it that people only seem to care about their pain when merely 5-10% of their nerves, are sensory nerves. 90 to 95% are functional nerves and we seem to not care about interference …

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There is one thing much more dangerous than failing to make a diagnosis. That is making an incorrect diagnosis. The least dangerous is to choose not to make a diagnosis and inform the practice member …

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The Chiropractic Objective


The first thing you must teach a practice member is the chiropractic objective.

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You cannot teach anything without using words. You must first teach a practice member a vocabulary and the first phrase in that vocabulary must be the chiropractic objective.

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We all have he same innate intelligence quotient. We all score at the genius level. Some of us, however, are not reaching our potential. Chiropractic adjustments remove interference so that we may reach that potential.

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The Dashboard Light/Signs & Symptoms.


When one of the lights on the car dashboard goes on, it does not necessarily indicate an actual problem. It may be that it’s time to have your brakes checked or time to change the …

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Raising Potential


Chiropractors cannot do anything to add to one’s potential with regard to life and health but we can remove an interference, the vertebral subluxation, that prevents one from reaching his/her potential in every area of …

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