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Wellness Care


Making recommendations regarding lifestyle, diet, rest, and exercise, involves being an authority. There is only one authority when it comes to matters of healthy living-the innate intelligence of the body. Assuming that role is the …

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Power and Weakness


I was reading a Scripture passage this morning  which read “My power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor.12:9). Paul (the writer) was saying that when he acknowledges his inability and relies upon God, then …

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The Subluxation-a 10 second lay lecture


If you had a piece of string tied around your aorta, would you be better off without it? If you had a bone out of place putting pressure on your nerves, would you be better …

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The Intention of Innate Intelligence


Chiropractic is about the intention of the innate intelligence of the body, not the desire of the chiropractor or the practice member. Our education program should be a reflection that intention.

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Our Role Deductively


  Our deductive reasoning  proves that every individual’s body works better after having received a chiropractic adjustment. The question is how much better. That question we cannot answer for it depends upon the individual and …

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Practice Member Education


If you stop learning the philosophy today, you stop teaching your practice members tomorrow.

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McDonalds v. Chiropractic


In the coming year 93% of the American public will visit a McDonalds; less than 10% will visit a chiropractor. Either chiropractors need a better marketing program or the American public needs to take more interest in …

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Chiropractic Irony #3: Loving People vs. Loving the Principle


The statement has been made that “some people are so heavenly- minded that they are no earthly good.”  I cannot accept that idea.  In a similar way, I cannot accept the idea that those of …

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What is Healing?


Healing Video A 13- minute clip on healing  from a lay lecture given by Dr. Strauss in 1981.  He may look a bit younger than he does today!

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Regular Lifetime Care


Regular lifetime chiropractic care is based upon how long you want to walk around with a vertebral subluxation in your spine, interfering with the function of your nerve system, decreasing the expression of your body’s …

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