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Free Downloads

Enjoy these free audio downloads on topics of interest to you and your practice members.


Almost Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy

Almost Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy is a 31-minute talk on MP3 by Dr. Joe Strauss. It covers the following topics: What is Health?, Listen to Your Body, No One Has all the Answers, Chiropractic for Life, and It’s Your Life -Take Responsibility. It is an excellent and educational tool to give to your practice members.


audio-download-product-96x125[1]Chiropractic is For Everyone

Chiropractic is for Everyone contains 4 downloadable talks by Dr. Joe Strauss. It is to be used to educate your patient members. Topics: Reaching Your Potential in Life, Getting the Most out of Life, There’s a Miracle in You, and Empower Your Children.


audio-download-product-96x125[1]Empower Your Children

Empower Your Children:Give your children the best opportunity to be all that they can be by keeping them functioning a their best.



audio-download-product-96x125[1]Getting the Most Out of Life

Getting the Most Out of Life: Having a properly functioning nerve system is vital to a healthy, productive life.



audio-download-product-96x125[1]Reaching Your Potential

Reaching Your Potential:Learn how chiropractic can do much more for you than you ever imagined.



audio-download-product-96x125[1]The Secret Ingredient in Your Recipe for Health

The Secret Ingredient in Your Recipe for Health is an 18-minute talk by Dr. Joe Strauss. It educates your practice members about the innate intelligence and its important role in every aspect of health.


audio-download-product-96x125[1]There’s a Miracle in You

There’s a Miracle in You:Understand how wonderful your body is and appreciate its’ self-healing abilities.



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This article has 3 comments

  1. Ben 11/07/2014, 11:31 pm:

    Hi! Thank you for the blog posts and the free audios! I am having trouble with the “Almost everything you need to know to be healthy” audio. Of course I know it’s free so if it’s too much trouble don’t worry about it, but if it is easy to email to me or a quick fix, I’d really appreciate it.

    Doc Harris

  2. Kimberly 02/05/2016, 6:51 pm:

    I really enjoy the material you have here, but I have been unable to hear the first download on the list: Almost Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy. I keep getting an error after it downloads. Everything else seems to work fine. Thanks so much for all the information you have here.

    • Joe Strauss 02/10/2016, 12:08 pm:

      Welcome to the blog, Kimberly and thank you for the kind comments. Sorry about your inability to download one audio. I’ll try to have it corrected ASAP

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